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Types Of Car Brand Germany and Its Specifications.

Types of car brand Germany and its specifications. If Japan and other Asian countries – known as  producing car  in the world, then companies – company of European origin, better known as the producer of luxury car or supercar.Of course we are familiar with the name Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedez Benz, and Volkswagen are indeed often release a supercar – best supercar.

Among the many countries in Europe, Germany is a country that pretty much has the iconic car company able to compete with the Asian origin of the automotive companies. Well, talk about a European car, here we share reviews about types of Germany car brand which is quite popular among people of the world.
Types of car brand Germany and its specifications.
1. Mercedez Benz C111

Mercedez Benz C11 is a sports car that is enough old was due to have been released in the ' 70 's.  this car was able to break the record for the fastest car with the maximum speed that can be attained 403.94 km/h before the record was finally broken by the Bugatti Veyron SS.

In terms of design, a glimpse of this car has the appearance such as Lamborghini, is therefore often a lay community call Mercedez Benz C111 as Lamborghini.
2. McLaren F1

McLaren F1 sports car a mini-sized product that is the result of cooperation between McLaren with the intervention of a BMW. McLaren are known to establish collaboration with BMW M team which produced the McLaren F1 car with the BMW S70/2 engine capacity 6.1 liter V12.

With the McLaren F1 engine is capable of producing up to 627 Hp at 7,400 rpm and of torque at 5,600 rpm 651. The extraordinary power that almost close to the Bugatti Veyron.

3. BMW i8

BMW i8

After the previous BMW M team successfully developed cutting edge technology called BMW TwinPower Turbo which is rated very good in saving fuel even though the car drove at high speeds, it turns on its newest cars namely the BMW i8 they no longer using the technology.

BMW i8 is a car that became the implementation of plug-in technology hybrin by 3-cylinder engine. Thus, the BMW i8 is capable of producing up to 393 hp electric motor which undertook to donate 170 hp for  front-wheel drive.

4. Mercedez Benz CLK – GTR

Cars mercedez Benz CLK-GTR

Nobody wants to lose competitiveness with original manufacturers Italy, Mercedez Benz or better known as Mercy continue to develop the car supercar. Newest Mercedez Benz name, there is a CLK GTR – which is a super premium car that only produced 25 units in the world.

Super car with a sporty design. This sports car is sold at a price of $1.5 million or 14.5 billion.

5. BMW M5 And M6

BMW M5 and M6
If the company of origin Germany in General, intense car supercar with bodi ceper premium products as unggulannya, in contrast to BMW who prefer to develop a sports car at high speed.

The product sports car that was arguably the very success of the BMW is BMW M5 and M6. Both cars managed to snatch the title of the fastest sports car in the world. Car speed ever recorded this touching numbers 370 km/h with series cars BMW M5 Hurricane RR.

It's her popular original 5 cars Germany which is quite famous in the world, may be useful.

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