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The following 5 types of electric car Releases

The Latest Electric Car Type. Technology The more sophisticated the , especially in the automotive field appear to be increasingly positive impact for the automotive industry itself. As we know, the fuel of gasoline is the fuel that cannot be updated so that it will one day run out. Therefore, in this digital age, many competing parties creates an electric powered car in addition to not require gasoline or fuel, also believed to be more environmentally friendly.

The end – these days, electric cars are already growing rapidly. A variety of world automobile manufacturer created an electric car with the advantages of each. Well, on occasion, we will share some of them. I.e. a row of electric cars the latest and best in the world that has a fairly high popularity. More information just look below.

1. Tesla Roadster
Car Electrical

The Tesla Roadster is the original United States automobile manufactured by Tesla Motors. As the name implies, this one automobile manufacturer the company that developed the focus car – electric cars  i.e Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster itself is made with a very sporty body powered by Li-ion battery 53 kWh that drives the four motor movers. From the position of the battery is full, the first car was produced in the year 2011 is able to traverse the distance to 393 km.

2. Chevrolet Volt

Cars Chevrolet Volt

Still from the United States, is now coming from the manufacturers Chevrolet Chevrolet Volt with its products. You need to know that the Chevrolet Volt is an electric car be crowned the best electric car in the world. Although the concept of electric cars, but this car is not completely rely on electric power but  a hybrid.

When the power is depleted, then the Chevrolet Volt will automatically enable petrol engine which he carried to help charging generators up to sufficient capacity. In addition, the concept of hybrid like this also increasingly adding thrust from the Chevrolet Volt so the more comfortable to drive
3. Ford Focus Electric

Cars Electrical new

On list number 3 this is the name of an Electric Ford Focus electric car is the Ford production. The car that this one doesn't have the striking body design and was impressed. However at the kitchen runway, Ford Focus Electric is supplied with battery-power of 23 kWh, and at a time when the real test is done, the  car Ford Focus Electric is capable of drove up to 122 km counted from the battery is full. Unfortunately cars Ford-made electric car should leave sooner than markets Indonesia for a reason.

4. Fisker Karma

Cars new

Fisker Karma is one sport that produced electric cars in Europe, more precisely in Finland. This car is a sedan that has a design very luxurious outside and inside. Not only that, the Fisker Karma is also powered by the  runway which is very high quality. The car is known in 1996 by battery power with 20.1 kwh which is able to traverse the distance of 50.1 km in a single charge. In addition the car this one also has incredible speed for the size of the electric car. Unfortunately the prices are outrageously expensive Fisker Karma i.e. around 1.5 billion rupiah

5. Nissan LEAF
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At last there is a list of the names of the Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF is a type of city car that has a very simple design but still functional. A variety of advanced technology features and the amount owned Nissan LEAF making this car achieved a lot at the beginning of its title.

At the  runway, Nissan LEAF battery provided with 80 kWh capable drove up to 117 km. It's her 5 electric cars in the world that has a high popularity. Which one you choose???

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