Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Brand of Luxury Cars and the Latest Exodus

Four wheel vehicle or a car as is widely known, is one of the types of transport which served as tools to move from one place to another quickly. But over time, the function of the car's already growing than merely a means of transport.

Technological developments also contribute in increasingly sophisticated car – cars around the world.

Increasingly sophisticated and luxurious car, surely a more expensive price. And talk about luxury cars, until the year 2017, many once released the car – luxury car in the homeland of world famous manufacturer of various kind of Ferrari or Lamborgini.

Well, for more details, here we have auto summary row of luxury car brand, which has a high popularity around the world. What's it?

Type – the type of luxury car brand of the world


1. Lamborghini Aventador

 In the top list of course there are Lamborgini hosts supercar car especially if not a Lamborgini Aventador. Aventador arguably the best luxury cars today. In addition to a very sporty design, the car is also equipped with a kitchen exceptional runway. You need to know that the Aventador has a machine with a capacity of 6,498 cc.

With the engine, supercar is claimed capable of reaching a speed of 370 km/h. Even this car also was able to reach speeds of hundreds of kilometers perhour in just a few seconds. With outstanding capabilities and advanced features that are carried, the best car from this dibanderol Lamborgini with a very expensive price, i.e. 16 billion rupiah

2. Ferrari California T 2015

Ferrari California T 2015 is one of the Italy-made luxury cars entering the market of Indonesia. This car could be the best choice if you are looking for luxury cars priced below 10 billion due 2015 T Ferrari California sold for 8.9 billion only.

The price of this is comparable to what would be obtained where the Ferrari California T 2015 already equipped with V8 engines capable of producing up to 412 kw at 7,500 rpm and engine torque 755 nm at 4,750 rpm engine rotation. Even this car is claimed capable of reaching a speed of 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds a lap

3. Range Rover Sport 3.0 HSE 

Range Rever Sport 3.0

Range Rover Sport HSE 3.0 is a luxury car that cost pretty much lower than two cars over. This car is priced dibanderol 2.4 billion only. With that price, Ranger Rover is armed with a large power up to 340 PS and torque of 450 nm. The car itself is also able to achieve a top speed of up to 210 km/h. The uncanny ability not regardless of the use of a Turbocharged V6 engine that has kubikasi worth 3,000 cc.

4. Mercedes Benz E-Class E400 AMG

Mercedes benz E-Class E400 AMG

Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG E400 indeed don't have accelerated as good as cars on top, but this car is considered as the most convenient car by automotive lovers in Indonesia. In addition the ability of his is also quite good in this car market level. For the price itself, you can bring home the E400 E-Class AMG priced at 1.2 billion.

5. Chevrolet Camaro RS

Camaro RS

Luxury car production Chevrolet this is a car that has a different design of luxury cars in General.This car was already equipped with V8 engines with power generated reached 455 HP. Price offered was quite low if compared to the Ferrari that equally wears a V8 engine that is 2.2 billion.

It's her 5 most popular luxury cars that also have entered the market of Indonesia. Where that becomes your dream car :).